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Automated precision irrigation: achieving predictable yields despite climate changes

07 April 2021 - Smart Farming solutions have a major role to play in sustainable agriculture and in decreasing the impact of climate changes. Read about the role of automated precision irrigation in supporting farmers to achieve a predictable crop yields.


DIH Peer Exchange programme: don't miss your chance!

01 April 2021 - Join the first session of the SmartAgriHubs Peer Exchange Programme! Team-up with you peers and share you experience to bring your DIH capacity to the next level.


Innovation Award for Women Farmers

26 March 2021 - The Innovation Award for Women Farmers aims to highlight the contributions women make towards rural development, forestry, and farming. Last week, the name of the winner unveiled.


Support the FIE20 at the WSIS Prizes 2021

25 March 2021 - Vote for the FIE20 from the Regional Cluster North-East Europe at the World Summit on the Information Society Prizes 2021

North-East Europe

Smart Village: boosting rural areas with digital technologies

24 March 2021 - Rural areas represent most of Europe's territory (~91%) and population (~59%), but when measuring against socioeconomic indicators, they tend to lag behind urban areas. However, rural areas are key to solve many of the big societal challenges such as climate change or the sustainable provision of food, biomass, and energy. European rural areas are places of great assets and they can become more attractive if the provision of jobs, as well as a favourable climate for entrepreneurship, are ensured.

South-East Europe

Connecting the dots between innovation, technology… and European policies

10 March 2021 - Successful initiatives such as SmartAgriHubs, through Flagship Innovation Experiments conducted with the help of Digital Innovation Hubs and Competence Centers, help us connect the dots between innovation and policies to better put into practice technology solutions


i4Trust: Data Spaces for effective and trusted data sharing

25 February 2021 - i4Trust is building a sustainable ecosystem where companies will be able to create innovative services by means of breaking “data silos” through sharing, re-using and trading of data assets.


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