Competence Centers

The digital technological infrastructure

Agricultural Technology Navigator (ATN) wheelCompetence Centres can now register and showcase their technology solutions and systems through the Agricultural Technology Navigator (ATN) on the Innovation Portal of SmartAgriHubs, including uploading demonstration images, videos and content!

The Innovation Portal of SmartAgriHubs now has the ATN fully operational so that Competence Centers can register their agricultural technology solutions and systems on the Innovation Portal.

By doing so, the whole SmartAgriHubs digital agri-tech community will be able to access the full potential of Competence Centers. As well, by specifying the technologies inherent in their solutions, the first ever digital agri classification system will be built, creating a searchable database.

For more information about the ATN and how to use it, you can consult the Training Kit available on our YouTube channel or you can contact us by email.

Competence Centres (CC) form the cornerstone of the Digital Innovation Hubs in the SmartAgriHubs network. They provide the digital technological infrastructure of the DIH by offering advanced technical expertise, access to the latest knowledge and information on digital technologies, as well as  test facilities such as labs, pilot and experimental facilities, and other technological and scientific infrastructure. 

Within their respective Digital Innovation Hubs, Competence Centres cooperate with all relevant partners in the agri-food innovation value chain to support farmers, businesses and other agri-food entities in their digital transformation. This entails establishing connections with a wide range of technology companies, research institutions, and digital solutions providers as well as potential users and customers.

Given that no single Competence Centre can be the front-runner in all fields, strong linkages will be  built between complementary Competence Centres, both within and between the different Digital Innovation Hubs. At the start of the initiative, SmartAgriHubs involves several hundred Competence Centres and is expected to reach a pan-European network of at least 2000. 

SmartAgriHub Competence Centers will also include relevant digital technologies and Competence Centers which form part of non-Agri Digital Innovation Hubs in order to spur innovation and cross-fertilisation, and use existing European resources efficiently. By providing the test infrastructure and know-how for digital innovation, as well as closely cooperating with Digital Innovation Hubs and Flagship Innovation Experiments, Competence Centres help facilitate the realisation of digital solutions for the agri-food sector and form an integral part of the greater SmartAgriHubs innovation ecoysystem.

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