Flagship Innovation Experiments

Innovation through experimentation

Flagship Innovation Experiments serve as benchmarks for other Innovation Experiments to strive towards. This is where technology solutions are put into practice. Flagship Innovation Experiments are conducted with the help of Digital Innovation Hubs which facilitate access to the latest knowledge and expertise, and technology support provided by Competence Centres.

They involve businesses that want to test and experiment with digital innovations and advanced technologies relevant to their products, processes or business models. Out of the European pool of  Innovation Experiments, 28 have been highlighted as Flagship Innovation Experiments based on a number of criteria such as: the innovativeness of the experiment; the endorsement by existing Digital Innovation Hubs; and the degree to which it unites end-users and technology providers, by solving various agricultural challenges. 

The Flagship Innovation Experiments serve as virtuous examples of successful and efficient Innovation Experiments. Examples include using sensors and AI algorithms for early crop disease detection, optimising irrigation management, and an emissions monitoring network. Moreover, within these Flagship Innovation Experiments ideas, concepts and prototypes are tested for the advancement of the digitisation of the agri-food sector. Eventually, the products created by these experiments will be introduced into the market, and the research and information gathered will be shared with other Innovation Experiments across Europe thanks to the intricate ecosystem network established by SmartAgriHubs. 

Divided into 7 sectors (Arable, Aquaculture, Fruits, Vegetables, Dairy, Animal Production and Novel Foods) and 9 geographical clusters (UK & Ireland; Scandinavia; France; North West Europe; Central Europe; North East Europe; Iberia; Italy & Malta; South-East Europe), Flagship Innovation Experiments will pave the way for the broader digitisation of the agri-food sector by stimulating the exchange of knowledge and technology. 

If you want to learn more, you can search for any of the 28 Flagship Innovation Experiments below: 

Innovation Experiments

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