StrikeTwo 2021 - Opening the future of food

StrikeTwo helps companies who are keen to speed up the food transition via a tech solution.



 StrikeTwo facilitates a year-long package that includes: a 3-day working summit, a shark tank and a support program.

StrikeTwo focuses on 3 themes: consumer trust, farm income and supply chain management.

  • Within each theme, we handle different challenges, which we call ‘tracks.’

  • Every track has a track owner who has a challenge that fits the themes, in the Agrifood industry.

  • During the 3 day summit, each track owner gets her/his own track group (track owner, moderator, technical committee member, sharks, stakeholders and carefully selected participants).

  • The track group works closely together on daily assignments (see pyramid image) to develop a 1-year innovation roadmap that solves the challenge of the track owner.

  • The power in all of this is the people in the track group. We combine the right people, and create a 1-year roadmap complete with commitments from the co-creators and stakeholders to turn the solution into a reality.

Next steps

 StrikeTwo 2022. Our program will start in November for the 6th time. We are open for companies who want to join as track owner!  For 2023 we want to go bigger and see if we can collaborate with other EU countries. 

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