In SmartAgriHubs we work with ‘deliverables’. A deliverable is something that is provided or achieved as a result of a process – an  output. During the life-cycle of the SmartAgriHubs project, we need to present the following deliverables:

WP1 DIH Ecosystem Building
WP2 Network Expansion by Open Calls
  • D2.1 Regional Challenges; 

  • D2.2 Roadmap for regional, sectoral and economical network expansion; 

  • D2.3 Interaction with DIH Networks for open call preparation; 

  • D2.4 Stocktake of potential regional and national public/private funds for Agri-Food DIHs; 

  • D2.5 Report on match making – needs and potentials for network expansion; 

  • D2.6 Periodic Reports on SmartAgriHubs Network Expansion by Open Call; 

  • D2.7 Open Call – documents package; 

WP3 Monitoring & Evaluation of Innovation Experiments
  • D3.3 Learning takeaways from FIEs; 

  • D3.4 Periodic evaluation of the IEs performance; 

  • D3.5 IE Technology requirements identification; 

  • D3.6 IE Common challenges analysis and technology reusability exploitation; 

  • D3.7 Report on maximization of IEs market take-up; 

  • D3.8 Success stories from IEs. 

WP4 DIH capacity Building and Monitoring
  • D4.6 DIH Observatory update; 

  • D4.7 synthesis report on lessons learned. 

WP5 Competence Centers (CC)
  • D5.3 Competence profiling and White-spot Analysis; 

  • D5.4 Procedures for Governance and Management of CC Network and Criteria for new CCs; 

  • D5.5 Development of materials for trainings and inter-regional demonstrations of CCs; 

  • D5.6 Report on CC Good Practices; 

  • D5.7 Report on attracting new CC. 

WP6 Project Management
WP7 Ethics Requirements
  • D7.1 POPD – Requirement No. 1.; 

  • D7.2 H – Requirement No. 2.; 

  • D7.3 NEC – Requirement No. 3.; 

  • D7.4 GEN – Requirement No. 4.