AQUAHUB - Strengthening cross-regional DIH collaboration in aquaculture innovation support services

Strengthening the collaboration between Digital Innovation Hubs supporting aquaculture and fishery-focused digital innovation development, demonstration and implementation.


Despite being an essential part of the agri-food industry, the aquaculture and fishery sector have remained stragglers in the process of adopting the latest developments of high-tech innovations. AquaHubs will provide essential services to experiments and link organizations.

The proposed partnership of 8 organisations offers a wide range of experienced capacities and relevant competence, with appropriate geographical coverage and knowledge base. The main ambition of the project is to boost digital innovation in a relatively immature environment with specific conditions central European space is facing after the recent societal changes.

Next steps

AquaHubs aims at supporting digital innovation development in aquaculture by providing support services to Innovation Experiment such as training, prototyping, business development and more.