DDADI - Data Driven Adoption of Digital Innovation

Guide SMOs in the food & agro-industry into a practical digital adoption plan.

Our aim is to deliver a realistic, tangible and customized digital roadmap within 10 days, whereas other companies require 50 working days.


  • A small workshop combined with specific questions for stakeholders helps each company set up their decision criteria
  • We use data-cases in mini Proof of Concepts to demonstrate how certain ideas are relevant or not
  • An adoption plan including time & material is delivered after the evaluation of the PoC’s and guidelines.


Next steps 


Some companies found real value in what NDUX delivered and will start up the adoption plan after the project

NDUX received feedback and will incorporate those feedback to get even more value out of the framework that has been developed.

NDUX will propose the offering to other companies within the agrifood sector.