DIGIWINE - R&D on the digitalization of the wine production workflow




Project DIGIWINE funded under SmartAgriHubs PREPARE and EXPAND Calls.

We believe that the small winemaker is the owner of a high-quality product with a strong historical tradition but that he is not always able to value the latter due to the high costs needed for doing this.

The digitalization of the daily workflow is the first step for them to start the Digital transformation process and for unblocking its potential.


We are building a platform (App & Desktop) to ease the administrative duties and minimise the time consumption related to it.

Our platform gives the possibility of improving visibility, both internally (operational workflow) and externally (government, customers).

Once digitized new services will unblock, including product competitiveness and creating a solution for all the stakeholders related to the winemaking ecosystem.


Craft Your Taste is an advanced digital platform, both with a web interface and IOS and Android application, which initially wants to give the producers the possibility to tell their story digitally in a very easy and fast way and to register all the different steps. This can also simplify the administrative burden needed to keep track of all the data required by the various government agencies. All this in just a few clicks on your smartphone or PC. A very simple way to digitize all your administration and share it with the world.

We tracked the whole workflow from the harvest until the bottling, the data mapped in this process provided us with the possibility to subsequently study them for proposing a portfolio of services. 

The study followed the following steps:

Step 1: Mapping the interactions between Belgian governmental entity and wine producer through a series of interviews and research dossiers.

Step 2: Proposing services, based on the dataflow digitalized previously mapped, which can constitute a win-win situation for the two entities and for the whole ecosystem.

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Next steps 

Implementing a carbon footprint and Consumer experience