PREPIPE - Pooled Resource Exchange on a Platform for Innovation Program Execution

 The goal of this project funded by SmartAgriHubs was to build a European Digital Innovation Hub (eDIH) or ecosystem management platform which focuses on 3 parts :

-          Digitalization of the coaching and consultancy process for Innovation Experiments

-          Building a digital twin for Innovation Experiments

-          Resource Matching for demands in the community and above

The process is supported by creating a Train the Trainer and Strategy Program for DIH and coaching and mentoring sessions for Innovation Experiments


At the beginning of the project was the focus on the process support of the consultants and DIH. Therefore we worked together with Innovation Experiments and DIH who gave us feedback and supported us on the development. In the second part of project, we developed the matching functionality. Teams were able to ask for resources directly from their work process and coaches are able to see and match them as the trusted party. This demand-based and trusted matching leads to higher success rates in the process.

Next steps

Enabling resource exchanges between IEs, Support DIH to become digital, digitalize the Train the Trainer Program, and work with DIH on improving the eDIH (open for new pilot projects)