CompEAT - Business Process Optimiser

Enhance AgriTech company competitiveness by driving productivity improvement through a business process optimisation programme. 

The Business Process Optimiser service enables AgriTech companies to deliver business process productivity improvements by integrating digital technology solutions. It is a collaborative application of LEAN management techniques to map, benchmark and improve processes. This project received funding under the SmartAgriHubs SERVICE Open call. 


Service delivery is using a structured workshop approach where collaboration between companies and continuous improvement project teams is at the core to deliver innovative productivity improvement. Project teams are immersed in LEAN techniques and obtain formal skills qualifications on completion of the project. The service incorporates a 3-phase approach

(1) Map current value streams and key processes,

(2) Benchmark to compare with best practices and

(3) Improve processes by developing and driving an action plan with a regular check-in.

Next steps 

Evaluate 2 x Services runs from January to September 2022 and plan for ongoing service offering to the Agri industry.