WWW.POT.DIGI - Development of "win-win-win" business model for potato ecosystem

In this Innovation Experiment, the value of specific data gathered in the potato ecosystem and shared between members is assessed and a viable business model generating value for all stakeholders is explored. Investments in sensors at one side (farmer/contractor) generating value on the other (industry/retail) are blocking a sustainable business model. All stakeholders should benefit.


By collecting valuable data for stakeholders further upstream in the ecosystem value and profit can be generated (improved process e.g.). By incorporating all members in this data sharing system we need to have aside a data flow and a value flow for all. This can be done in several ways (tangible and non-tangible). Discussions are being facilitated and ideas are being discussed to have a win-win business model.

Next steps 

Further extend the business model discussions with stakeholders and continue to build trust in data sharing between all members of a specific eco system.