SAFE-Tech - Safe Automation for Farming Environments: Technologies to enable Precision Automation

The global pandemic has accelerated the need for innovation in agriculture. As a result of COVID-19, the agrifood sector faces a range of challenges: How can we keep people safe on farms? How can we plug the labour gap? And how can agricultural technology solve these problems?

Ground-breaking technology is in greater demand than ever before to tackle the reduced availability of suitably skilled labour whilst also improving precision in agricultural production systems. 

The Agricultural Technology Hackathon 2021 challenges innovators around the world to hack a technology that can solve the most pressing issues facing modern agriculture, with the winning solutions given the support, mentorship and facilities needed to go from idea to reality.


The Challenge: Hack a technology
The Agricultural Technology Hackathon challenges you to hack a concept that addresses one or more of the following safety concerns relating to autonomous agricultural vehicles and drones:

  • • Detecting, monitoring & identifying people & animals entering and exiting an operational field or farm
  • • Communicating information & safety advice
  • • Collision avoidance
  • • Human supervision system
  • • Security measures (theft & tampering, liability)
  • • Cyber & data security


The concept should demonstrate:

  • • That it is interoperable with HFF
  • • That is both technically and commercially feasible