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Drones and advisory services in practice

11 May 2022 - FIE16 was an experiment witch develop, test and launch 4 e-consulting e-services using drones in agriculture. As part of the experiment, the process of designing services, needs and market analysis was carried out. A business plan and an implementation strategy for the consulting market was being developed, in particular for small and medium-sized farms.

North-East Europe

EU funding opportunity in advanced digital skills

06 May 2022 - The currently open Call under the DIGITAL Europe Programme dedicates €25 million to train people in advanced digital technologies. It will fund short-term trainings to help businesses (in particular SMEs) upskill their employees in areas such as AI, cybersecurity, IoT, Cloud, Microelectronics, etc.


SAH Spring Sprint: Boost your capacity!

  • Vegetables
  • Novel Foods
  • Livestock
  • Fruit
  • Dairy
  • Arable
  • Aquaculture
  • Animal Production

05 May 2022 - The Spring Sprint is the climax of SmartAgriHubs’ capacity building for DIHs: in a four-week journey you will be engulfed in the project's capacity building material together with your DIH peers. Take your chance to exchange and learn with your peers now!


The “French Agritech”

27 April 2022 - The “French Agritech” is a French national dynamic to promote the development of agri-food technologies, particularly startups. This dynamic is composed of a report which summarises the French state of the art of the Agrifood Tech sector in France, an agenda and a road map for the development of the sector in the upcoming 8 years. The roadmap is composed of 6 axes:


Sustaining SmartAgriHubs through its Partners

14 April 2022 - Copa-Cogeca and FoodDrinkEurope, supported by Geopa, took a leading role in the coordination of the Pact for Skills in the agri-food sectors, the so-called agri-food ecosystem. These organizations will ensure the implementation of the Pact and its Charter, which defines the overarching principles of this initiative launched by the European Commission in 2020. And SAH partners can play a determining role in this Pact.


Building out supports to improve, train and deploy new technologies

30 March 2022 - Regional Cluster Ireland and UK, host two collectives of people who work to connect the dots in Agri-Tech through an industry facing hub to support and improve access, awareness and training for agriculturalists with the latest commercial agricultural technologies and a cluster of businesses to support the uptake and development of new innovative digital technologies specific to the Agri Sector. The Hartpury Digital Farming Network has been launched to keep UK farmers and wider stakeholders in touch with the latest technological advancements in the agriculture industry, The AgriTech Ireland cluster is a coming together of industry, knowledge providers, government organisations and the wider agricultural community to unlock opportunities to grow Ireland’s AgriTech industry.

Ireland & UK

EU organic awards

25 March 2022 - The EU Organic Awards are organised in conjunction with the European Commission, the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC), COPA-COGECA and IFOAM Organics Europe.


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