Synergy Days 2023: Together We Shape the Future of Smart Agriculture

From the vibrant atmosphere in Thessaloniki to the inspiring discussions, collaborations, and innovations that took place, it was an outstanding showcase of the collective effort of all participants.

Synergy Days 2023 was not just another conference. It was a lively gathering of brilliant minds, passionate innovators, and dedicated professionals who shared a common goal: to drive the digital transformation of agriculture forward. With more than 250 participants in attendance, this event demonstrated the commitment of a growing community devoted to smart agriculture in Europe!

Synergy Days 2023 built on the momentum of our SmartAgriHubs Final Conference in 2022, emphasising the importance of "connecting the dots." It is a testament to the power of collaboration and knowledge exchange, where diverse European projects intersect to create a dynamic ecosystem for innovation. With 28 European Projects represented, the synergy created was exceptional. We hope these EU projects will continue their fruitful collaborations and bring new peers for future editions! 

The remarkable spirit within smart and digital agricultural European Projects was showcased during Synergy Days 2023. All participants' enthusiasm, energy, and expertise brought the event to life. Active engagement, thought-provoking discussions, and eagerness to learn from one another were truly inspiring. You can revisit the event through our online album here:

The 24 workshop sessions and plenary sessions covered vital topics related to the agri-food sector, setting the stage for future advancements. The connections made and the ideas sparked during these days will continue to fuel our progress towards a more sustainable, efficient, and connected agricultural future.

Synergy Days 2023 was a remarkable journey, demonstrating the commitment of a growing community devoted to smart agriculture in Europe. We are grateful to all the participants, speakers, sponsors, and partners who made this event an incredible success. Together, we shape the future of smart farming with enthusiasm, energy, and expertise.

Are you already missing the Synergy Days 2023 - or do you feel sorry you missed that edition? Don't you worry! The Synergy Days will be back in 2024 in Barcelona. Follow SmartAgriHubs on social media to hear more about future announcements. 

Thank you for being a part of Synergy Days 2023!

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