DESIRA H2020 Final Conference

Digital agriculture is rapidly becoming a critical component of the sustainable development of the agriculture sector. The DESIRA (Digitisation: Economic and Social Impacts in Rural Areas) project, funded by the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme, has been working to understand the impact of digital technologies on rural areas, agriculture, and forestry. Now entering its final phase, the DESIRA project will host the DESIRA H2020 Final Conference from 26-28 April 2023 in Brussels.

The conference will bring together various stakeholders in the agriculture and forestry sectors, including farmers, policy-makers, researchers, and industry leaders, to showcase the project's achievements and discuss the way forward for digital agriculture in Europe. Topics covered in the conference will include sustainable agriculture, precision farming, agroecology, and rural development.

For the SmartAgriHubs audience, the DESIRA H2020 Final Conference is a must-attend event. The conference provides an excellent opportunity to learn about the latest developments in digital agriculture and connect with stakeholders from across Europe. Discover the agenda here.

The conference will showcase the DESIRA project's achievements and provide insights into the challenges and opportunities presented by the digitalisation of rural areas. Participants will have the chance to understand and discuss the role of policies fostering rural digitalisation, share experiences applying Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI), attend demo sessions on tools to support digital transformation in rural areas and contribute to the following research agenda.

The conference will bring together policy-makers, research and innovation networks, farmers’ organisations, advisors, and other relevant stakeholders to exchange views on the current and future scenario of rural digitalisation. Make sure not to miss this valuable opportunity to be a part of the digital transformation of agriculture and forestry in Europe.



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