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The generational and gender gap in agriculture through figures and facts

04 February 2022 - The European agricultural sector is undeniably facing several challenges including an ageing population and gender inequality. However, tackling these challenges head-on can provide a professional development opportunity for new generations, in which women will experience an acceleration towards equality.


DemoFarms by AUA

  • Dairy
  • Animal Production
  • Vegetables

02 February 2022 - The DemoFarms initiative by the Agricultural University of Athens aims to raise awareness about the agri-food sector and agricultural production, involving digital technologies and other innovations.

South-East Europe

Hyperlocal weather forecast benefits the environment and the farmers

  • Arable
  • Vegetables

02 December 2021 - The agricultural production is dependent on many different resources, but weather conditions are the only factor influencing the crop development in every single moment (for а period of 5 to 9 months), from the seeding to harvesting. For this reason, an accurate weather forecast is essential to improve the sustainability and the cost-effectiveness.

South-East Europe

Providing the opportunities of SAH project for the process of digitalization to support ongoing processes and approaches

19 November 2021 - Across Europe, a lot of activities and funding are on the way to accelerate digitalization. Drones, sensors, clouds and other innovations promise many new visions and opportunities. The introduction of digital technologies already contributes to producing more sustainable food, preventing emissions, improving animal welfare, promoting biodiversity and reducing workloads as well as keeping rural areas attractive. It is still a challenge to make the best possible use of these opportunities taking into account sustainable answers to data protection, data security and data sovereignty issues.

North-West Europe

Application of OriginTrail to the organic food

10 November 2021 - Transparency and trust are crucial for a well-performing and sustainable organic food sector. With the use of the OriginTrail DKG, crucial data from stakeholders across the supply chains is able to be connected and secured from manipulation through blockchain technology. Trusted and connected data is then used in different web applications to improve traceability of organic products, increase trust, and help optimize every stage of the supply chain management process.


European Gender Equality Week - Cristina Caparrós

29 October 2021 - The European Parliament FEMM Committee started on 25 October its second "European Gender equality week". For this second day, Cristina Caparrós, in charge of La Platgeta, answers our questions.


European Gender Equality Week - Martina Vicini

28 October 2021 - The European Parliament FEMM Committee is celebrating its 2nd European Gender Equality Week. On this fourth


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