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Rockit Impact Accelerator - first sustainable B2B accelerator in the Baltics

23 February 2021 - Start-up needed with IoT (sensor-based) solution for partnering with Linas Agro in the Baltic region.


The unexpected effects of the Covid-19 crisis on the pig production sector in Germany

  • Animal Production

22 February 2021 - The COVID-19 crisis has affected our society and economy in many – and often unexpected – ways. Essential sectors such as agriculture were no exception to this phenomenon, and their workflow has been seriously hampered. The COVID-19 crisis demonstrated that it is essential for the future of the agri-food sector to put more effort into predicting and preventing pandemics as well as market disruptions.


Lessons learnt from a disruptive year for farmers

08 February 2021 - Who would have thought that by March 2020 the whole European agri-food chain would have been put to the test? From an industry point of view, the COVID-19 pandemic not only disrupted most economic activities, but it also hampered the workflow of essential sectors such as agriculture.


The fundamentals for digital farming are being laid out

26 January 2021 - Digital Farming describes the (re)evolution in agriculture and agricultural engineering from Precision Farming to connected, knowledge-based farm production systems.


FarmSuite – a modular co-created platform that will bring value to both farmers and consumers.

12 January 2021 - FarmSuite is a laureate project from the SmartAgriHubs RESPOND Call. The platform will offer an online market and and other digital solutions to small and medium organic farms!


SmartAgriHubs: more than a project

  • Vegetables
  • Novel Foods
  • Fruit
  • Dairy
  • Arable
  • Aquaculture
  • Animal Production

24 November 2020 - A project is designed to reach a clear target and then it should end. SmartAgriHubs is financed as a project but is a community of people, and it works as an ecosystem where there are rich interconnections among different actors and partners.


Making the agrifood sector more resilient – A SmartAgriHubs story

29 July 2020 - The current pandemic has had a profound impact on all aspects of life, and on all economic sectors, including the agrifood sector. This video explains how SmartAgriHubs has reacted.


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