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We have some exciting news for you regarding! Last week, we registered our website for the famous ".eu Web Award" contest and deployed a new update! What does it imply for you?


Click for the win! 

Because we are proud of our website and believe it is a fantastic tool to support DIHs to grow and mature, we entered the contest ".eu Web Award 2022"! This contest rewards the best website from the domain ".eu" with a prize and an advertising campaign in Europe.

Timeline of the contest: 

  1. • The nominees will have to gather as many votes as possible for the 17th of August!
  2. • The top 3 for each category will go in the final round and continue to gather votes! 
  3. • The winner for each category will be announced in a Ceremony on November 17th! 


SmartAgriHubs deserves to be known widely! To vote for us, you can go on the website below and search for 'SmartAgriHubs' in the list of nominees and click on "vote". As you can vote every day for us, let us click towards success!

Vote for us on the website:


All the pages are two clicks away!

Last week was a busy week for the website. The team deployed a new update to refresh the menus and the layout!

With the new menus, you can easily find the pages you would like to consult! We created four main menus, one to present the component of SmartAgriHubs, one for the Innovation Portal, one for the updates of our ecosystem and one with all the pages related to the background of our project.


The Innovation Portal, the heart of our ecosystem

The Innovation Portal is really the heart of our ecosystem because our network is spread all around Europe, and we need a physical place to meet and connect. And it is the Innovation Portal! In the last update, we give more visibility to the Innovation Portal. We will also publish the page "Feature" to better inform visitors about what hides behind the Portal and update the page "Help" to guide visitors through creating their personal and organisation profiles.


More visibility for your contributions

Because the SmartAgriHubs ecosystem is dynamic and shares a lot of information, we wanted to give more space to your contribution to the project. From now on, the newsletters, the blog's articles and events will be accessible under "Updates". Your inputs will have a more prominent role in attracting and retaining visitors to the SmartAgrihubs while encouraging more members to share with SmartAgriHubs' ecosystem their news and updates! A win-win situation to pursue our mission of supporting digital innovation and building the largest ecosystem of agricultural DIHs! 

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