Join our Community Building Training!


We are proud to announce the launch of our Community Building Training (CBT)! This training is available to the Digital Innovation Hubs (DIH) of our network. The objective of the training is to help DIH in developing their online presence and to set up standard social media profiles. The Community Building Training provides DIHs with the tools to master the basics of communication and start fostering their local innovation ecosystem. 

  • What is the content of the course?


Communication strategy & communication plan: How to define your target audiences, communication strategy and communication plan

- How to boost your visibility on the Innovation Portal 

- Basics of networking & public affairs 

- Digital advertising: Social media promoted posts, SEO

Visual resources: Platform and software recommendations, basics of design

and more! 

  • How will the training take place? 

3-hours sessions are organised online. Each session is dedicated to a specific Regional Cluster. This workshop is free of charge, reserved to SmartAgriHubs DIHs, registration is mandatory. 

  • How can my DIH sign up? 

Contact your Regional Cluster or reach out to us via email 

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