Getting started: Linking your organisation to a SmartAgriHubs entity

Is your organisation part of a SmartAgriHubs entity, such as a FIE, RC or DIH? And are you the main user of your organisation profile? Then you should link your organisation profile to the SAH entity you partake in. You can do so by following the guide on this page. 

Linking your organisation to a SmartAgriHubs entity

Organisations that are connected to a SAH entity should link their organisation profile accordingly. For example, an organisation that is a partner in an FIE will tag itself as a partner in the project they partake in, and a RC leader will have to designate itself as the lead of their RC in the portal. In order to do so, the main user of the organisation profile first has to go to the organisations page.

Here you can click on ''Partnerships''. This button is placed to the right of your organisation's name, and is only visible for the main user(s) of an organisation profile.

Here you can select your partnership type and role, and press ''Connect''. 

The main user(s) of the entity you want to connect to will receive your request. As soon as they have affirmed your connection to their entity you are connected to it in the portal.

Specific information for Regional Clusters' Leads and Co-leads

  1. Once your organisation profile is created you should link it to your own Regional Cluster only. Don't try to connect to other RCs. The reason behind the connection is to be visible on the filters applied to the map on the Network Section. The other reason for the connection is to show the members of a certain FIE, DIH or WP. So don't ask to be connected to companies, work packages or FIEs where you are not a member
  2. Only the persons who are shown as leads and co-leads on the RC page by name should connect to a RC. We will make you the main contact and afterwards you will be able to approve all the other connections. Once you are main contacts for your respective RCs please follow the same rules. Don't approve users, companies or FIEs or any stakeholders that are not from your region's countries. For example: a company based in Denmark cannot be part of the Regional Cluster Iberia.

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