Exploring the portal: the Calendar

The calendar helps SAH members find relevant events to attend. Members can also advertise their own events on this page. 

The basics

There are many events such as conferences and summits on topics related to SAH. With the calendar page we provide SAH members with a central location in the portal where they can share and browse events. The left-hand menu makes finding an event simple. You can specify your search query by event date(s), sector and region. Furthermore, you can use the search bar beneath these filters to look for events containing specific keywords.

Do you want to find out more about a specific event? Simply click on the event and a short description appears. You will also find a link to a website where you can get more information and/or register. This link is placed either below the description or as a ''Visit event website'' button to the right of the event description.

Adding events to the calendar

Does your organisation host an event that is relevant to other SAH members? Then you can add this event to the calendar. For this, you click the ''Add events'' button at the bottom of the left-hand menu. You will now have to fill in a form with some basic information such as a title, location, start and end dates, and a description. Don't forget to upload an image for the calendar event either. Also make sure that you enter the complete and correct url of the web page where SAH members can find more information about your event. After you have filled in the form you can submit your event by clicking the ''Save'' button. Your submission will be reviewed by a SAH portal moderator. As soon as your submission is approved your event will be added to the calendar and become visible for all SAH members. Furthermore, your event might be featured on the SmartAgriHubs homepage, where we have a dedicated space for showcasing ongoing and/or upcoming events.

Further reading