SAH Spring Sprint: Boost your capacity!

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SmartAgriHubs Spring Sprint 2022

Boost your capacity! 

Why a Spring Sprint?

In the past year, we have had the pleasure of meeting about two dozen ambitious SmartAgriHubs DIHs during our peer exchange sessions. We were happily surprised by the way that seemingly very different hubs hit it off during these sessions. All have a similar passion you see, which is a drive to make their hub a success. And that is not an easy task. Running a hub is a career on its own and every support you can get with that, especially from peers, we found is highly appreciated. During this Spring Sprint, we want to climax the peer exchange and capacity building activities during the SmartAgriHubs project, before the project will be rounded off in the autumn. The material will still be available then, but this is the last chance to make use of the social, peer learning dynamic around it.

What does the Spring Sprint entail?

The idea behind the Spring Sprint is to cultivate further this positive vibe around peer exchanges that we had in the past year. The other important component is to spotlight the rich capacity building courses we have available online - business modelling; financing; marketing; and business planning. You see, we firmly believe that a hub that is capable of delivering high-quality services, will find its path forward and sustain itself more easily. The underlying online platform for the courses is based on the concept of social learning. This means that yet again you interact with peers, but then around a central theme and related discussion points.

What can a DIH get out of the Spring Sprint?

Our goal is that each DIH gets a high-speed elevation of its capacities, to professionalise further in a short period. And because we maintain the peer exchange dynamic, improving your DIHs business will not be a solitary thing, but happen together with DIH peers that have comparable experiences. By the way, if you have not been able to join the previous peer exchanges, you are just as welcome to participate in the Spring Sprint.

How much effort does it require from DIHs?

The four courses can be done in your own time and will each only take two hours or so, and through the discussion functions on the platform, you can interact and respond to each other whenever you have a moment to spare. The SmartAgriHubs team is available as a moderator during the course weeks and will organise check-in moments and wrap-ups with peers. We want to respect everyone’s time limits as much as possible. This is why we will also be a bit flexible around the requirements for getting your certificate at graduation. We especially want to maintain the positive energy around peer exchange and DIH capacity-building!

Registration for the Spring Sprint Kick-off Event: Click here

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