DIH Peer Exchange programme: don't miss your chance!

Ever wonder how that one DIH manages to collect funds so seemingly easily? How that other DIH manages it all with its small team? Or ever felt that you want to share how you became so good at engaging farmers with your experiments?


The Learning and Exchange program (LXP), with accompanying online platform, is designed to support with just that, exchanging with your SmartAgriHubs DIH peers. You will also have the opportunity, with your peers, to delve into topics related to your own learning objectives such as access to finance, creating your business plan, farmer-centric innovation, governance, and skills. In just a few hours per week, during 2 months, you and your peers will become experts on the topics of your choice (crowned by a certificate for your participation)!

Every SAH Digital Innovation Hub is invited to enter the programme. All we will require from you is to take the maturity assessment and to bring your great motivation to share experiences.

SmartAgriHubs Schedule of the Learning and Exchange Programme

In this first wave of the programme, we have room for 60 DIHs. So, if you have not yet done so, please sign-up to our programme and supporting platform using this link: https://smartagrihubs.curatr3.com !

Do you have questions? Feel free to reach out to Frank Berkers (frank.berkers@tno.nl) or check our FAQ in the Resources section of the Innovation Portal Library.

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