The SmartAgriHubs videos have arrived

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It is with great pride that we introduce to our stakeholders eleven SmartAgriHubs videos for their viewing pleasure. These videos serve to disseminate SmartAgriHubs’ vision and mission in a concise and visual way, using shots from our Kick-off Conference in Prague.

They include introductions to our Regional Clusters, a general video introducing the project as well as an #IampartofSAH campaign video. Enjoy!

The videos:

Introduction to SmartAgriHubs with George Beers and Tom Tynan.

I am part of SmartAgriHubs in 15 languages!

RC South East Europe introduction by RC Co-lead Viorel Marin.

RC Scandinavia introduction by RC lead Nicolai Fog Hansen.

RC Iberia introduction by RC co-lead Luis Mira da Silva.

RC North East Europe introduction by RC lead Inga Berzina.

RC NWE introduction by RC lead Hubert Gerhardy.

RC UK & Ireland introduction by RC lead Hazel Williams.

RC Central Europe introduction by RC lead Florian Herzog.

RC Italy & Malta introduction by RC lead Daniele Sangiorgi.

RC France introduction by RC lead Anne-Claire Branellec.

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