A cutting-edge digital innovation  regional cluster  at the major cross roads  of the  future  West-East-South agri-food worlds 

The South-East Europe (SEE) Regional Cluster (RC) encompasses Digital Innovation Hubs (DIHs), Competence Centres (CCs) and Flagship Innovation Experiments (FIEs) in 8 countries. The RC’s objective is to support and expand the network of DIHs in the SEE region. Additionally, it aims to develop a crucial level of awareness among farmers’ communities, facilitate their access to CCs’ knowledge database and cutting-edge ICT technologies tailored to farmers’ individual needs.

Furthermore, this RC seeks to integrate SAH activities and financial support with complementary local and national resources. In order to deliver this structure, the regional cluster is building the capacity of regional DIHs to engage in intensive cooperation within the EU digital agri-food ecosystem. Moreover, it helps enable farmers in the region to access, test, validate and use digital innovative solutions to respond to their needs, in order to add value to their production processes   whilst tempering negative environmental conditions. As a result, the RC contributes to strengthen the EU’s agri-food competitiveness in the global market through its innovation ecosystem whilst at the same time improving the sustainability of this sector. 

In brief, it provides farmers with top market viability incentives, and helps position the EU research and development and ICT communities as top providers of technology and expertise for modern agriculture.