Launch of the DIH Learning and Exchange programme

On Monday 19 April 2021, SmartAgriHubs kicked off the Learning and Exchange Programme for the first group of spirited Digital Innovation Hubs! 

George Beers, the SmartAgriHubs Project Coordinator, opened the plenary part and pointed out the importance of putting the extra effort into digital transformation to keep the EU competitive. Experimentation and learning by doing are crucial to achieving this. Whereas larger state-of-the-arts projects such as SmartAgriHubs accelerate roll-outs and scaling-up; the starting point is actually local initiatives and peer learning.

George Beers introducing the first LXP session, Monday 19 April 2021

After the plenary part, we continued working in small groups of DIHs on sharing best practices and creating opportunities to ask each other questions, share advice, and deep dive into the services and activities. Additionally, we started to work on learning goals and specifying those towards future results.

Did you miss it? You can still join by sending an e-mail to

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