Our Video Contest

The videos should present your reasons for joining the SAH project, and the added value SAH brings you. 

A few mandatory requirements:

  • They should be in English, although subtitles can be added in the local language.
  • The videos can be no longer than one minute.
  • There are three categories:
    • Flagship Innovation Experiments
    • Digital Innovation Hubs
    • Competence Centers
  • Only one video can be submitted per FIE, DIH and CC. 
  • The videos that don’t mention the SmartAgriHubs project will be disqualified.
  • Please note that they should also be in 16:9 format (landscape).
  • There are no quality requirements, it can be filmed with anything from a smartphone to a fully professional equipment.
  • Your video should be submitted to communications@smartagrihubs.eu with the mention “Video Competition – Bucharest – Submission” Please mention which category the video belongs to.
  • Please send your contribution by the 05/02/2020 at the latest.

Some more specific information:

Digital Innovation Hubs should feature a presentation of the service that they bring, explain their role within the SmartAgriHubs network and, should they be in connection with a Flagship Innovation Experiment, outline the way in which they cooperate.

Flagship Innovation Experiments should feature a presentation of their innovations and their impacts, as well as a presentation of their role within the SmartAgriHubs network. They should further explain how the SmartAgiHubs project helped them achieve their ambitions.

Finally, the Competence Centers should feature a presentation of their product or technology and a presentation of their role in the SmartAgriHubs network. They should also explain how this European network helped their business grow and achive its targets.

We look forward to receiving your contributions. After review by our Special Video Selection Committee*, three videos will be selected from each category (Digital Innovation Hub, Flagship Innovation Experiment and Comeptence Center). The winner will be selected at our SmartAgriHubs Stakeholder Conference.  



Our Video Selection Committee will include one member of WP1, two RC Representatives, one member of WP4 and one member of WP5.

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