IoT Technologies and the Agricultural Value Chain

Our partners from the University of Almeria (RC Iberia) have been invited as guest editors to write a special issue series of papers under "IoT Technologies and the Agricultural Value Chain" for MDPIs sensors academic journal.

In this series of papers, Prof. Dr. Francisco Rodriguez, Prof. Dr. Jorge Antonio Sanchez Molina, and Prof. Dr. Cynthia Giagnocavo will explore the solutions digital technologies such as Internet of Things (IoT) can provide to help make the complex agri-food value chain more sustainable, transparent and streamlined in the context of increasing societal and market pressures on the sector.

The series of papers will address the following topics:

  • IoT systems development
  • Precision farming
  • System integration and interoperability
  • Data models
  • IoT networks
  • Intelligent sensors
  • IoT sensors
  • Visualization interfaces
  • Decision support systems and data-driven decisions
  • Virtual-soft sensors
  • IoT-based business models
  • Data sharing
  • IoT-based control systems
  • Robotics

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For a more detailed explanation by the guest editors, click here.




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