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In the dynamic landscape of agriculture, standards and platforms are pivotal for a successful twin (green + digital) transition. Internet of Things (IoT) technologies and platforms and related standards drive this transformation, while unofficial “quasi standards” can contribute significantly. In parallel, from a regulatory standpoint, compliance with acts like the Data Act, Data Governance Act, and Cyber Resilience Act shapes IoT applications in agriculture.

Strategic investments and interoperability efforts are essential for harnessing the twin transition’s potential. By embracing both official and quasi standards, a resilient innovation ecosystem can be created. In this context, it is also important, that independent research and innovation (R&I) aligning with or in support of policy ambitions like the Green Deal materialise. Platforms serve as the digital backbone, enabling seamless data exchange and collaboration.

This survey, carried out under Contract LC-02869828 of the European Commission, seeks to investigate stakeholder perceptions around standards and digital platforms, with a view to examining how tailored supporting measures and strategic actions can be deployed to speed up a fair and socio-economically sustainable green transition, and increase competitiveness of European innovators and the agricultural sector.

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