Reducing the use of antibiotics in the meat sector

The Farm to Fork Strategy sets an ambitious target to reduce the sales of antimicrobials for farmed animals by 50% by 2030. To further limit the use and promote prudent and responsible use of antimicrobials in animals, the new regulations on veterinary medicinal products and medicated feed, to apply as of 2022, will provide for a wide range of concrete measures.

Join this EURACTIV Virtual Conference to discuss how the EU can reduce the use of antibiotics in its meat sector, and avoid a global health crisis caused by antimicrobial resistance.

Sarah Wiener MEP, Member of AGRI, Substitute of ENVI and IMCO, European Parliament
Eran Raizman, Senior Animal Health & Production Officer, FAO
Roxane Feller, Secretary General, Animal Health Europe
Lara Sanfrancesco, Director of Unaitalia, AVEC member

Natasha Foote, Journalist, EURACTIV

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