EBN Congress 2023

13 to 15 June 2023 | Brno

The urgency for innovation is rising. The uncertainty of our times, caused by back-to-back global crises and existential challenges, must be tackled through innovation. The development of new technologies, business models, and tools is required at a pace never seen before. The innovation community must adapt its business, innovation practices (IR&D), structures, and talents to face incoming challenges, new markets, and society’s needs.

​New methodologies are needed. More than ever, tailoring your organisation to specific focuses became a prerequisite in innovation, from digitalisation and systemic design to sustainability.

Innovation is the beginning of new possibilities and can be a solution to crises. The 2023 EBN Congress will explore how the innovation community should approach uncertainty as an opportunity. How to tackle it, what solutions to seek, and how to make decisions in the face of instability?

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