What place for the agricultural sector in the European recovery plan?

What place for the agricultural sector in the European recovery plan?

11 February 2022 - This event will be organised in French

In response to the economic and social consequences of the pandemic, the EU Member States have adopted a historic recovery plan called "NextGenerationEU". 750 billion, the main objective of this agreement is to finance the Green Pact for Europe and the digital transition.

Sustainable agriculture is also a key issue in the reform of the CAP, which will come into force in 2023. After lengthy negotiations in the European Parliament, opinions remain divided on the environmental ambitions of the agreement. France must now submit its National Strategic Plan (NSP), which will be presented to the Commission and will set out the government's priorities for implementing the new agreement in the country. The elaboration of the NSP is a real challenge for France as the new CAP reform gives more decision-making power to the EU Member States.

Join this virtual conference organised by EURACTIV to discuss the following questions:

  • - How does France concretely use the financial resources made available to it at the national and regional levels?
  • - How does the French government support the agro-ecological transition?
  • - How is the implementation of sustainable initiatives by farmers monitored?
  • - What innovative solutions are used to maintain these objectives?


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