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R2B ONAIR: R2B – Research to business digital edition

#R2BONAIR Beyond the Boundaries

On the eve of the implementation of unprecedented measures such as the National Recovery and Resilience Plan and EU Funds Programming Period 2021-2027,  the new edition of R2B OnAir thinks of the future. To fully unlock the potential carried by this amount of investments, R2B OnAir 2021 goes Beyond the Boundaries to break old thinking patterns, to start thinking from new perspectives and to make new connections and investments.

In the coming years, public investment and actions will focus on major issues such as ecological transition, big data, artificial intelligence and digitalization, to generate the change needed globally.

These system actions will not only change production but also the world of training, competencies, public administration, regions, cities and they will have a significant effect on the life of every citizen.

With the contribution of international speakers from institutes, research bodies and companies, R2B OnAir will review the current state of research as well as the new technologies and innovations that will shape future scenarios.

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