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AgriFood Forum 21 - “From Ambition to Action: Sustainable Food Value Chain"


AgriFood Forum 21 - “From Ambition to Action: Sustainable Food Value Chain"

The world in 2021 is extremely focused on food sustainability. The United Nations just had its first-ever Food Systems Summit.

It is time for a major shift and communal accountability in how we care for the environment around us. It is up to individual persons, individual countries and the world as a whole to create a more sustainable food system. These unprecedented difficulties also present enormous opportunities.

There is an urgent need to truly establish an unbreakable food system, which is genuinely restorative, regenerating and leaving no one behind. It is critical to establish a collaboration between the public and private sectors. This is a first step toward a more sustainable food system.

The necessity is immediate, and the ambition is big. This year, AgriFood Forum 2021 will introduce innovative new activities, solutions, and strategies to accomplish the Green Deal goals, all of which are based on healthier, more sustainable, and more equitable food systems. The Forum will educate the community about the importance of collaborating to improve how to produce, consume, and think about food.


The International “AgriFood Forum” is the largest forum for the agricultural and food sector in the Baltic States. Last year, the forum attracted more than 1,800 unique viewers, 500 of whom were participants from abroad. What is more, each participant spent an average of more than 4 hours on the forum. This year, the main theme of the forum is “From Ambition to Action: Sustainable Food Value Chain".



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