Co-creation of Value and Innovations in Horticulture – AgriFarmLab

This Flagship Innovation Experiment (FIE) has the ambition to upscale existing initiatives and accelerate the proliferation of innovative solutions on farms by identifying technology providers best suited to respond to each individual challenge which participating farmers encounter. In these regards, the FIE bridges the gap between the farm level and start-ups, as it provides the latter with the required resources to further develop their research on the ground in close collaboration with the end-users. At a broader regional level, the Chamber of Agriculture contributes with innovation support through advisors’ expertise, introducing new ideas and cutting-edge technologies to farmers. The Competence Centres (CCs) related to this FIE facilitate access to a national as well as international network of firms, research and training institutions along the plant and livestock value chain. While the innovation ecosystem will be open to all projects supported by the partners, the emphasis in identifying start-ups with relevance will be clearly put on farmers’ needs.