Digitising Farm Machinery Produced by SMEs

Advising farmers on business plans and the digitisation of their machinery through expert-led workshops, to improve competitiveness and reduce energy consumption.

To provide SMEs with expertise and the capacity to integrate innovative digital solutions into their existing commercial implements is the objective of this Flagship Innovation Experiment (FIE). This not only helps SMEs to increase their competitiveness, it also optimises the implementation in terms of energy consumption, yield increase, efficiency and transparency. Workshops, led by agricultural and digital experts, are used to advise SMEs in identifying the added value of a digitised version of their product, by leveraging relevant sensors and data communication.

In addition, support is given in developing a roadmap towards this digital version of their implement in combination with a business plan for the identified solution. Ultimately, the prototypes are adequately tested according to latest standards with the help of regional Digital Innovation Hubs (DIHs) and commercial farms to ensure the digitised product meets the farmers’ requirements.