Data-driven Vineyard Precision Management - VINPREC

Promoting the uptake of precision strategies in viticulture by developing an application for growers which provides decision-making support for routine operations based on sensors attached to machinery. 

Up until now consistent precision strategies in viticulture were underutilised since the sub-sector is still very bound to traditions. Hence, this Flagship Innovation Experiment (FIE) develops a user-friendly application for growers, providing warning and decision-making procedures for several operations including spraying, fertilisation, summer pruning or selective mechanical harvesting. Innovative technology is needed to monitor the performance of grapevine plants as they are sensitive to environmental conditions.

By attaching a multi-sensor apparatus to agricultural machinery, insightful data is gathered during routine mechanical operations in order to, for instance, identify the zones more likely to suffer from water stress. The resulting amount of potentially usable information is immense and in combination with generated high-resolution maps, the vineyard manager can assess crucial parameters straightaway. This application is therefore well-suited for smaller farms as it reduces their reliance on external imagery collected through satellites or drones, which are prone to adverse weather conditions and therefore make the acquisition of remote imagery costly.