Implementation of ICT in Aquaculture - AquacultuER4.0

Using ICT and IoT technologies to deliver precision fish farming which controls water quality and executes operational routines in order to bolster sustainable aquaculture.

An innovative automated system able to control water quality and operational routines helps this Flagship Innovation Experiment (FIE) to promote sustainable aquaculture. Precision Fish Farming (PFF) relies on ICT and IoT (Internet of Things) technologies to mitigate the environmental impact in coastal ecosystems while simultaneously reducing energy costs and greenhouse gas emissions.

The information gathered by the innovative devices such as sensors also increases animal welfare as it continuously monitors the living conditions. The service stores these data in a dedicated cloud, but more importantly, it informs aquaculture operators in real-time - through their smartphones, for instance - when critical situations occur.

By applying control principles, this FIE enables end-users to certify environmental conditions in order to meet the demands of a market which is sensitive to the product provenance and the use of sustainable fish and shellfish farming practices. Lastly, the digitisation of aquaculture through innovative ICT and IoT technologies increases the competitiveness and quality of the product as well as the production process.