Smart Groundwater and Weather Sensors

Developing a web-based system for agrometeorological and groundwater measurements to ease the transfer of information between different farm applications and smoothen the uptake of precision agriculture.

Precision farming relies on the collection, storage, sharing and analysis of spatially referenced data. To be used effectively, information must be transferred between different components of the complex farm environment which encompasses hardware and software with various standards. Since these data flows currently present a hurdle to the uptake of precision agriculture, this Flagship Innovation Experiment (FIE) aims to develop a web-based system for the integration, transformation and utilisation of large amounts of data from agrometeorological and groundwater measurements.

The application of this information will significantly optimise the intervention time on agricultural farms. Thus, it will support operations on farms by providing alerts based on the accurate data analysis. For each different farm operation, a data model alongside cloud application - capable of storing, analysing and publishing both sensor data and relevant spatial information - will be at the end-user’s disposal. In addition to that, the technology will provide insights on precise climate conditions and vegetation status based on satellite data from groundwater monitored wells. This information will be used to give recommendations for fertiliser application during the season and to plan other necessary interventions.