E-services Utilising Drones for Quantity Buyers

Developing business strategies and testing drone mapping to catalyse the wide adoption of drone-based e-services.

This Flagship Innovation Experiment (FIE) develops e-services utilising Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) such as drones to help users run and implement e-advisory for agriculture. It will consist of services, especially aimed at the market of small and medium-sized farms, which currently cannot afford already existing solutions.

At the core of this FIE is a Digital Innovation Hub (DIH) which analyses existing solutions, user and market needs to develop a business strategy fostering the mass adoption of four drone-based e-services with a high technological readiness level. To ensure the crucial involvement of end-users in these targeted services, this FIE encompasses ten test farms and a diverse team of system analysts, economists, programmers, business analysts and testers.

The adequate understanding of user needs requires a close cooperation between farmers, advisors and ICT providers. As a result, this FIE will implement and disseminate online tools for close cooperation between stakeholders and combine drone mapping with complex agricultural insights in a cost-effective manner to facilitate their uptake.