Ammonia Emission Monitoring Network - AEMON

Implementing an ammonia emissions and climate monitoring tool in animal shelters to improve animal welfare and overall sustainability. 

The main objective of this Flagship Innovation Experiment (FIE) is to develop an ammonia emission and climate monitoring technique for naturally and mechanically ventilated animal shelters, to optimise indoor climate control and potential emission reduction. Theoretical, technological and previously untapped knowledge will be combined to develop a product fitting the needs of the animals and farmers alike. In this sense, this FIE relies on scientific substantiation to increase the products’ market value, taking current and future environmental and animal welfare legislation into consideration.

There are three main components in this FIE: Emissions measurement, climate control and a wireless sensor network. Emissions measurement mainly focuses on ammonia with a possible extension to greenhouse gases, while climate monitoring looks at a broader range of parameters such as carbon levels, temperature and relative humidity. To improve indoor air quality an automated control tool, employing dynamic monitoring techniques, is developed. In addition to that, the ventilation control timely notifies farmers if an intervention is needed. Lastly, a wireless sensor network integrates all data from measurement devices, giving the farmer supplementary insights on how to improve animal welfare and at the same time increase the sustainability of livestock farming.