Smart Data Use on Arable Farms - Farmcube

Digitising decision-making processes by storing data gathered from remote sensing applications and translating it into tailored advice for end-users.

Integrating data from remote sensing such as satellites and drones, machines and sensors, enables this Flagship Innovation Experiment (FIE) to develop a farm based digital infrastructure to store, retrieve and analyse information affecting agricultural production. In these regards, the FIE addresses the missing link in the Big Data discussion: the data management on the farm itself. A plethora of data, however, is useless for farmers if not embedded into a functional context that supports its practical application. Hence, the team is developing a prototype, facilitating the digitisation of agriculture and particularly the decision-making process. 

Even before remote sensing and machinery data can be absorbed and translated into vital advice and instruction maps, the FIE evaluates the specific requirements of participating farmers to offer attractive market initiatives and successful solutions. This evaluation will fundamentally improve the sustainability of production while connecting components and competences of other FIEs within the SmartAgriHubs (SAH) project.