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SmartAgriHubs offers funding to digital innovation services providers. This includes the overall life-cycle for developing, setting-up, offering, providing, testing, validating, refining as well as enhancing services for Digital Transformation and Innovation. You can receive either 70 or 100% of funding to cover your eligible costs. This shall help you to:

•             Become a regional partner for innovation in the agri-food domain,

•             Support preparation & realisation of Innovation Activities for free, and

•             Join a pan-European Innovation Network as a Node in your region

Proposed work shall be coordinated by Digital Innovations Hubs (DIHs). As we consider a “Digital Innovation Hub” as a Role of an organisation than its only purpose, all kinds of organisations could apply that aim at the set-up and offering of DIH services. The fol-lowing figure presents typical examples for innovation services SAH considers very valuable to promote digital transformation in the European Agri-Food Sectors.



Those innovation services are usually provided to teams of stakeholders that are realising Innovation Activities. The strategic objective is to help those teams to lower innovation barriers, facilitate knowledge exchange as well as learn about available solutions, costs, benefits and potential pitfalls.

SmartAgriHubs organised different open calls that are designed in accordance to different activities realised by established or new DIHs. The following figure provides some information about the different SmartAgriHubs Open Calls that are currently open for proposal submission as well as indicates the max. funding that can be requested. 



Open Call for Digital Innovation Hubs that are developing and offering support services for agri-food stakeholders and related community network for the digital innovation and transformation of their products, processes or business and governance models. 

•    EXPAND:

Open Call for Digital Innovation Hubs that are supporting the realisation of Innovation Experiments, mobilising the related stakeholders, and facilitating the access to Competence Centre related services.

The RESTART & EXPAND Open Calls were published on July, 08th 2020. The SERVICE Open Call was published on September 22nd, 2021. The RESTART Open Call closed on 29th September 2021, 17:00 (Brussels time). The EXPAND and SERVICE Open Calls will close on June 29th, 2022. At several deadlines during that period, batches of proposals will be evaluated and are started after each evaluation batch. This means that until the final deadline you can submit your proposal to the Open Calls, receive a response and start your project before the final deadline. The deadlines for evaluation batches are available below. 

SmartAgriHubs organised two additional open calls - the RESPOND & PREPARE open calls. They are already closed and no further submission can be accepted. The projects selected in the RESPOND open call are already finalised and results were published in different webinars. The projects selected in the PREPARE open call started in mid 2021.

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You want to submit a proposal?

Please use the designated Templates for proposal preparation as presented in the Open Call fiches for the SERVICE and EXPAND Open Calls. You can find in this page more information about the aim of our Open Calls.  

Please use the Proposal Submission Tool to register and submit your proposal before the deadlines. 

Please check the FAQ in a first instance. If you have further doubts, please use the Open Call Forum to contact the SAH Open Call team and get assistance. 



The SmartAgriHubs Open Call for proposals has as a key objective to expand the existing SmartAgriHubs community network with additional stakeholders and to promote the realisation of innovation experiments. The collaboration with new and existing Digital Innovation Hubs (DIHs) and Competence Centres (CCs) shall result in a joint effort of an active and dynamic community that creates knowledge and practical experience that will ultimately facilitate and disseminate digital innovation in the agri-food domain.                    

       Digital Innovation Hub

Digital Innovation Hubs (DIH) are support organisations that aim to make businesses more competitive by speeding up the development and uptake of digital innovations. They provide these services close to the end-users (“at working distance”) and thereby cater to the needs of agricultural producers and food processors in a specific region.

Competence Center

These can be (agricultural) research institutes at universities, experiment stations or farms, extension agencies or seed companies. The organisation acting as a Competence Centre may also play the role of the Digital Innovation Hub orchestrator, taking a coordinating, organising and/or an agenda setting role. 


SmartAgriHubs supports this with its available team, knowledge, and tools: 

•  The existing DIH network in SmartAgriHubs offers collaboration with additional and new Digital Innovation Hubs to facilitate experience exchange.

  • •  The network of Competence Centres is helping to identify and offers the most appropriate technology related expertise required for a successful realisation of an innovation experiment.
  • •  Community of SMEs, startups and scaleups, helping to find promising tech suppliers, partners as well as reference end-users.
  • •  Flagship Innovation Experiments from SmartAgriHubs and use cases from IoF2020 serving as show cases for digitisation and innovation in the agri-food domains and
  • •  Excellent, well-equipped support team present in most European regions, familiar with local and sector specific challenges. 
  • The current CORONA crisis and its impact on the agri-food economy has pushed the SmartAgriHubs team to design the Open Call approach responding to the needs of the sector in these critical times. We launched the RESTART and EXPAND open calls that are addressing the overall agri-food economy,  making available up to 5,000,000€ funding specifically for the RESTART and EXPAND open callsThese open calls are addressing Digital Innovation Hubs that are coordinating and submitting proposals for supporting diverse stakeholders in the agri-food economy and specifically SMEs as drivers for digital innovation.


  • The SERVICE open call makes available up to 3,000,000€ funding for projects that will make agri-food related businesses more competitive by speeding up the development and uptake of digital innovations.  

Figure 1: Overall timing of the planned open calls by SmartAgriHubs 

SERVICE the SmartAgriHubs Community Network

SmartAgriHubs launched the SERVICE open call on September 22nd, 2021. Teams that are coordinated by a Digital Innovation Hub shall develop and/or deliver and validate their function as a service provider, helping agri-food companies and related stakeholders to become more competitive by improving their business, products and/or production processes.

DIHs shall act as a one-stop-shop, serving agri-food related companies within their region and making agri-food related businesses more competitive by speeding up the development and uptake of digital innovations. They help customers addressing their challenges in a business focused way and with a service model, offering services that would not be readily accessible elsewhere. The funded services available through a DIH shall enable any business to access the latest knowledge, expertise and technology for testing and experimenting with digital innovations relevant to their products, processes or business models.

DIHs usually provide connections with investors, facilitate access to financing for digital transformations, help connect users and suppliers of digital innovations across the value chain, and foster synergies between digital and other key enabling technologies.

The proposed project shall support individual or groups/networks of stakeholders in the DIH’s region or in several regions based on the cooperation of several DIHs proposing a project.

Are you eligible to the SERVICE Open Call?  

   Projects need to provide a description for publication via the SmartAgriHubs communication channels, specifically explaining the following:

• DIH innovation services provided as well as approach for innovative service delivery and validation
• Innovative aspects of your service provision and lessons learnt
• Involved parties, infrastructure, and places
• Supported stakeholders, networks and communities, also outlining their achievements and added value of the provided DIH(s) services
• Regional challenges, needs and opportunities with respect to digital innovation in the agri-food domain.

The proposal needs to explain a strategy for the exploitation and ownership of the DIH service delivery approach.

Check the SERVICE Open Call fiche for more information

EXPAND the network

The major amount of funding will be assigned to the implementation of programmes by DIHs to support the realisation of Innovation Experiments. This shall specifically contribute to the expansion of the network of DIHs as well as making available new knowledge and results from digital innovation activities. The EXPAND the Network open call is specifically targeting at DIHs as the main proposers thereby facilitating the realisation of innovation experiments, while the services of CCs would be logically consumed when implementing an innovation experiment.

Proposers should take into account the following key characteristics, in order to submit an eligible proposal for the EXPAND the Network open call.

Check the EXPAND Open Call fiche for more information

Call for Proposals and Evaluation Procedure

In the SERVICE and EXPAND Open Calls, proposals are called under a continuous submission scheme. Proposals will be evaluated after reception in varying intervals after the Open Call publishing. The deadlines for submission will be regularly announced via this Open Call website. The RESTART open call closed in September 2021 and the EXPAND open call in June 2022. The open calls will be closed at an earlier date, in case the budget that is reserved for open calls in SmartAgriHubs (i.e. for this and other SAH open calls) is completely allocated.

During that period, batches of proposals will be evaluated at several deadlines and can start immediately after the proposal evaluation & selection is completed.

Proposals will be evaluated and selected by experts based on the Evaluation Criteria. To be considered for funding, your proposal must score above a certain threshold for each criterion, and above an overall threshold.

Figure 2: Timing for the SmartAgriHubs Open Calls.

The detailed funding conditions, evaluation procedure and eligibility criteria for RESTART the Economy around Food Systems and EXPAND the Network can be found in the Open Call publications and the SmartAgriHubs Open Call Programme.

The detailed funding conditions, evaluation procedure and eligibility criteria for the individual open calls can be found in the Open Call publications and the SmartAgriHubs Open Call Programme.

Matchmaking opportunities

The SAH Portal offers the possibility for potential proposers to connect with different organisations (DIHs, CCs, SMEs, technology providers, NGOs, farmers, etc.) through different functionalities:

  • •   The SAH Network gathers over 500 organisations in the agri-food and other related sectors all over Europe, identified by organisation type, sector and region. Open Call proposers and interested stakeholders are invited to register and navigate the SAH Network in the search for potential collaborators.
  • •    Proposers are invited to check periodically the Open Call Forum to find support from SAH team members on solving doubts and answering questions regarding the Open Call.

Proposal submission

Proposals can be submitted for evaluation until closure of the open call and will be evaluated in batches at regular points in time. Currently the following dates are planned for evaluating delivered batches of proposals:

  • The detailed funding conditions, evaluation procedure and eligibility criteria for the individual open calls can be found in the Open Call publications and the SmartAgriHubs Open Call Programme.

    •    First batch evaluation for the SERVICE open call and another deadline for the EXPAND open call: before February 17th, 2022, 17:00 (Brussels time)

    •    Further dates for batch evaluations in 2022 will be published a certain time after closing the previous batch evaluation.

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