Ireland & UK

The UK, Ireland and Horizon Europe

23 June 2022 | 14.00 to 15.30 IST

The UK is a significant research partner for Ireland, in fact in the recent EU R&I Framework programme, Horizon 2020 (H2020), 47% of projects involving Irish organisations (academic and industry) had a UK partner (987 projects out of 2,096 funded). Given the delays in implementing the Northern Ireland Protocol, the UK’s full association with Horizon Europe is looking perilous. The purpose of this event is to discuss the importance of Horizon Europe in underpinning the collaborative relationship between the higher education and research sectors of the UK and Ireland and to assess what the consequences for both countries would be should the UK not be granted full associate status. In anticipation of such a scenario, the conversation will also focus on alternative options that may be considered to protect this important bilateral relationship.


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