#OFE2021 Farmer-centric On-Farm Experimentation - Digital Tools for a Scalable Transformative Pathway - Pre Conference Workshops

The On-Farm Experimentation Community is excited to announce the #OFE2021 Webinar Series. Free and open to all, these four online sessions will take place this coming May to discuss a range of key topics prepared by the conference committee together with dedicated working groups. Learn more about #OFE2021.

1. Value Creation - Monday May 10th (8-10 a.m. Chicago = 3-5 p.m. Paris)

2. People and Processes - Wednesday May 12th (8-10 a.m. Chicago = 3-5 p.m. Paris

3. Data and Analytics - Monday May 17th (8-10 a.m. Chicago = 3-5 p.m. Paris)

4. Policy Linkages - Wednesday May 19th (8-10 a.m. Chicago = 3-5 p.m. Paris)

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