Agritech Startup Showcase : The Yield lab x La Ferme Digitale

Agritech is booming in Europe and receiving more Investments than ever. New technologies are seen as a way to improve efficiency, safety and consumer trust. In France, farmers are getting digital and using more and more software to monitor, keep track and sell their production better.

In France, the non-profit organization LA FERME DIGITALE unites the most promising Agritech startups, that work toward « making agriculture great forever ». In association with THE YIELD LAB INSTITUTE, they are putting together a startup showcase, to provide American agrifood actors with visibility over the emerging trends and innovations in Europe, and actionable solutions to implement in their own farms and/or supply chains. During this webinar, you'll discover:

- Connecting Food, the food transparency platform based on blockchain,

- Dilepix, Artificial intelligence for agriculture,

- My easy Farm, Precision farming made easy,

- Naïo technologies, Autonomous weeding & agricultural robots

As well as an overview of the whole Agritech french ecosystem by La Ferme Digitale. Brandon day, from the Yield Lab, will give his view on the opportunities for American agrifood players to work with these startups.


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