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Agrihub INSPIRE Hackthon 2022 Webinar: Asymmetric MapWhiteBoard

24 June 2022 | 14.00 to 15.30 CEST

During the Webinar, we will try to present our vision of new advisory services, based on asymmetric communication and collaborative sharing of data between advisor and farmer. We will explain what MapWhiteBoard is, how it can be modified for SmartAgriculture and how to run such communication between advisor and farmer. The webinar will include a practical demonstration.

  • Introduction – Marketa Kollerova
  • From data to knowledge – our vision of future advisory services for farmers – Karel Charvat
  • What is MapWhiteBoard – Raitis Berzins 
  • Integration of data in Map composition – Franta Zadrazil
  • Principle of asynchronous services and potential solutions – Runar Bergheim
  • Live demonstration with existing tools and MapWhiteBoard – Herman Snevajs, Pavel Gnip
  • Discussion and future steps – Karel Charvat
  • Closing of spring series of AgriHub webinars (Marketa Kollerova)


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