Hack Ta Ferme

‘HackTaFerme’, is an on-farm hackathon for farmers which will take place from August 30 to September 1st 2019 at L’Isle-Jourdain in the South West of France.

ACTA, the head of the French Agricultural Technical Institute network is organising a 48-hours AgTech marathon located on farms. The event will take place from August 30 to September 1st 2019 at L’Isle-Jourdain (at 40 min from Toulouse) in the South West of France. 

‘HackTaFerme’ is a pioneer AgTech challenge in Europe, directly connecting the farming sector to the digital sector:

  • A hackathon: a marathon for creating, coding and developing an idea as a convincing prototype;
  • A farm: an ideal playground for testing such prototypes.

The innovation and co-construction of digital services lie at the heart of the HackTaFerme definition.

During this innovative weekend, several teams - made of software engineers, data scientists, farming stakeholders, agronomy engineers - are hosted by farmers. The teams will have 48 hours to building operational prototypes for farmers’ needs, encompassing a diversity of farming productions.

Two challenges are proposed:

  • Building operational prototypes as useful applications and/or business services for farming stakeholders;
  • Building an original and disruptive data-driven work applied to the farming sector.

ACTA, the two cooperative groups Arterris and Val de Gascogne, and the regional Chambers' of Agriculture network are organising the ‘HackTaFerme’, with the support from 3DS Outscale, Fermes Leader, INRA, INRA Transfert, Smart Agri Hubs, and Bouygues Telecom.

More information is available on the Twitter @HackTaFerme and the website hacktaferme.fr

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