Digitalization in agriculture and data-sovereignity ? A cross-cultural perspective between France and Germany

Digitalisation in agriculture and data sovereignty? A cross-cultural perspective between France and Germany

As part of the revision of the Artificial Intelligence Plan published on 21 April 2021, the European Commission calls, in close connection with the Member States, for the implementation of a common European agricultural data space by 2023-2024 and for the creation of a partnership between public authorities, farmers, researchers and industry.

At the German-French ministerial council on 31 May 2021, Germany and France recognized the need to build a governance framework for the use and sharing of agricultural data Faced with the challenges of European agriculture - agroecological transition, adaptation to climate change, transparency and traceability for the consumer - what services can artificial intelligence and digital technologies provide? Is this digitalization of agriculture without risk for farmers and food sovereignty?

This French-German event will explore these issues in a cross-cultural way through the participation of farmers, civil servants, industrial and researchers.


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